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2019 KIDNEY WALKTake a Giant Step

Every year, some 15,000 volunteers and participants gather at Kidney Walks in communities throughout the country to raise awareness and funds for those affected by kidney disease. Patients, caregivers, medical professionals, family members, and other caring and compassionate individuals participate in The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s cornerstone fundraising event to help support innovative and ground-breaking research projects and to offer crucial programs and services to the thousands of people living with kidney disease.

Every step is a giant leap forward in the fight against kidney disease.

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19,000patient handbooks distributed

$3,340,000Invested in research

$349,000Short-term patient financial assistance

$112,000Summer camp subsidies

Samuel Veillet

May 25, 2015, is a day I’ll never forget. It wasn’t my birthday, but it might as well have been... Thanks to my dad who gave me one of his kidneys, that was the day I stopped surviving and began living again. The Kidney Walk has become my way of talking about kidney disease and organ donation, and of sensitizing people to the cause.

Gary Abric

Since receiving a kidney transplant on September 30th 2014, every morning I am thankful to that amazing donor; and every day I am on the lookout to find ways to support The Kidney Foundation of Canada, the truly world-class researchers they fund, and the comprehensive support offered to people living with the challenges of kidney disease. Kidney Walk is coming and on behalf of my family, we’d love to see you out there!

Craig Lindsay

I feel an obligation to the people who are going to be diagnosed tomorrow, next year and thirty years from now. They have a right to better treatments and I have a part to play in that. The Kidney Walk is a fun, engaging, active way to be a part of a bigger community.”

Cheryl Pavlovic

When all 4 of your kids are affected it becomes a part of your life mission. The day itself usually brings tears to my eyes... it's an emotional day, both happy and sad. You hear of successes met with hardships and disappointments. It's a comradery of caring, passionate people who understand what the effects of living on dialysis is all about, and who go to extremes to raise some serious cash. It's heartfelt every year!